We got it all wrong!

I don’t know if this article is relatable to you. But people from my side of the world can absolutely agree with me. This reflection is about the social norms dictating our lifestyle.

Besides defining beauty, success & everything that should be glittery (no matters its just & not gold) it also defines what we wear, what we eat, when we sleep & to be admired & loved we need to do. In fact, they also define what’s “cool”.  Since, these ideologies are based on money making out of misery organizations, we are now a part of the heedless cult (congratulations) and end up doing everything that we shouldn’t be doing.

What happens next is pretty evident right? Let me spell it out for you. We don’t eat the right food anymore, no matter how detrimental it is for the body, we eat things we find trending in our circle& on TV, Food which is “IG-able”. We are not boring; hence, we don’t want to cook anymore. We eat everything that we shouldn’t & avoid all nutritious foods! Pause & reflect, why is everyone stepping away from eating healthy & preparing home meals going away? Why is eating right & mindfully put down? Those processed meals that we start our day with, is that ok just because everyone else does it? Is it better than the whole foods? Convenience over hard work regardless of long-term consequences?

Here is another one: In an ideal world, the time when the sun rises, we rise & we sleep when the sun goes down. Right? but these days, we have people who literally follows the opposite! The cool thing to do is stay up all night – it’s more fun because the actual party is after party. All the parties start around 11 where I come from, seriously? Why!  We also have habituated night owls: we have always been doing this, we know it’s wrong & we won’t change. Pause & think over why do we do things which are toxic for our health? Read about the serious health issues & the pressure you put your body through!

We look at those who lived on this earth 1000 years ago & realize the human lifespan is decreasing with each passing day. We wonder why? Well, its because of the way we live, no?

Besides this, there is substance addiction – I know cigarette smoking kills, causes cancer, but whatever! I’ll not quit. WHY DO WE NOT PAY HEED TO DO THE RIGHT THING?

Bottomline is we do toxic things to our body & at the same time also ridicule people who do the right thing. When in reality, consistency, hard work, taking care of oneself, discipline is the best damn thing!

Like the herd of sheep, we blindly follow things which are inversely proportional to the ecosystem of this world & support things which doesn’t make sense.  I leave you here with

“A conscious human is driven by their conscience, not popular opinion.”
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

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