Friday, the 24th

I write this article today from bed, I’m super exhausted after a very long week. See, that’s the thing about fast paced life, you don’t really have time to breathe. Mind you, I’m not complaining.

My mundane Routine is something I absolutely love! I wake up in the morning, spend sometime planning my day, drink my morning cup of tea (ah! Simple pleasures of life). I log in, check my schedule and get into my full flow, striking tasks off the list like batsman hitting 4s and 6s (haha , I wishing I had audience cheering for me, now that I think about it).


My evenings are generally the time I binge watch, reflect & write articles or paint. But, since this month is for #myfriendAlexa I spend my time reading blog posts from my fellow bloggers! What a rewarding experience! Honestly, reading genres that I don’t generally prefer to read makes me stretch out of my comfort zone! 

These days I read so much about raising a child (well, it’s not relevant to me,but, I can totally share it with my friends with kids) book & product reviews, short stories, tarot cards, plastic usage, food science & some super creative recipes. Note:  this is also my first campaign with blogchatter, but If it wasn’t  for the campaign, I would have never expanded my knowledge in different areas & wow! We have people capable of writing great stuff. Great potential! So, congratulations on all the great work you do guys.

There are good days & bad days, but regardless of how the day passes on, one thing is certain, I love my  flow. Reminds me of  Ikigai, the book which talks about no retirement & finding purpose is what brings makes us feel alive. It makes me wonder, what is my Ikigai? Have you found yours? Let me know in the comments now!

Also, before I let you go, here is the link to one of the most visited reflections on my blog, do check out! (it’s a quick read, I promise!)

I’m taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter‘s My Friend Alexa #thesiriusgramwrites.