Work from Home Siyapa

I was thrilled when in initial days we started working from home due to covid-19! I spent 4 hours of my day travelling to/from work & honestly, i felt a tremendous relief.
The first few months were fantastic, I no longer had to spend my time being angry while I drive through the frustrating & never-ending rush hour traffic. But…. Things changed! 
My schedule was a total mess, I woke up late, I couldn’t sleep well, I barely walked 1000 steps, my eating schedule was a mess & I couldn’t separate work from my personal life! & that got me thinking Was the sickening traffic so bad?  Was it a blessing in disguise.??
I still have my bad days, but I’m not in a position to complain! I’ve been among the blessed ones: not been infected by the virus so far (Alhamdulillah), being able to work, being able to speak with people who matter virtually & because I’m employed with a fantastic organization where “health is a priority” & “employee well being” the primary focus. Life is not smooth, no one said it would be! We have challenges- not all days are good days! But look at what’s happening around, crisis, chaos, floods, wildfires, covid – gosh! – Do you still think I should be complaining? In case  you have been impacted or lost a loved one, I hope  you find your peace & patience. The pain never fades away, but with resilience & time you will move forward.If you are among those who are unaffected : pause, reflect & count your blessings. 
Now, as things don’t seem to de-escalate with covid and we continue to work remotely, these are the few things that helped me & will help you too! 
  •  Read the headlines to stay updated with what’s happening, but don’t over-read & indulge in negative news. Covid is not gonna go away, but you can keep those chaotic thought tornadoes at par the same way you kept covid away (by following the golden rules of social distancing)
  • Develop a hobby & spend your spare time working on it. In my case, I started coloring 🙂 
  • Connect with your loved ones in a virtual set-up or face to face (get vaccinated first though and avoid crowded places)
  • Embrace how you are feeling and know even though it’s hard, it’s fine 
  • Don’t be lazy, start walking around.
  • Last but not least, show gratitude! Gratitude is the right attitude 🙂 
I hope we all overcome this difficult time together, please share any other tips which helped you below  🙂