Phone Zombies

We are social beings & affection, friendships, compassion, belonging & love come naturally to us. But, let’s contemplate about how we have turned into phone zombies in the recent past & how it has effected our innate trait of being a social animal, resulting in unsatisfied and isolated lives.

I want you to pause here for a minute & think about how we operate in this new age of social media where FOMO & social media presence have buried the values, pleasures of living in the moment & valuing relationships around you. When was the last time you spoke with your loved one without looking at your phone? When was the last time you actually listened to those who speak with you while you were busy binge watching or scrolling your IG reels?

Because we are now prisoners of our phones, “self” is the only thing left in the equation of life – meaning we highly think of ourselves & are now self obsessed, the next thing we do is – we become terrible listeners while communicating with others, we hear what people say, but we don’t listen: -) & we validate all the wrong traits which we need to work on by saying “don’t judge me” or “this is how I’m, accept or leave”. That’s incorrect- taking accountability for our actions, changing our toxic traits & helping us grow is what life is all about.

Anyway, because everything we do is “self validated” – any advise we receive from people around us is either dismissed or considered offensive.

Pause and think about how tolerant you are within your social group? Does it offend you when people advise you to do better? Or do you easily withdraw from people when you dislike one thing they said? If yes, how would you live a fulfilling life if you continue to focus “more on screen time ” & invest less on things that are actually important like relationships. Apart from our behavior changes, increased screen time has adverse effects on our health and you can read never ending articles counting the cons 🙂

As we indulge ourselves in meaningless browsing, don’t you think it makes us feel hollow at the end of the day?

The likes on your page doesn’t count, the people who stand by you come what may does! Always, Quality over quantity. ALWAYS.

Less screen time, live in the moment, meet your loved ones, smile more, frown less & see how energized and fulfilled your life would be. Doesn’t mean I ask you to return to the Stone Age, rather, utilize social media for your benefit not the other way round.

If you can’t relate to this reflection, congratulations, you wise tree- you are free from the shackles of mobile phone mania & living a balanced life 😉