I Don’t Understand

I’ve been pondering over this, but I don’t really get it.

I’m not sure if you could relate, but I’ve seen good souls, individual with kind hearts are the ones being targeted and hated on.

Is this thing super common? Why do people hate on those who do good? In my experience I’ve seen individuals come collectively together because of their mutual dislike for one person & sorta create a hate group.

Types of members in the hate group:
◦ The haters,
◦ People with insecurities & jealousy,
◦ People who believe in all stories from group 1 & 2,
◦ Those who make assumptions and join

Aren’t we supposed to be more careful before making assumptions, judging someone and hating on them? Aren’t we supposed to celebrate each others differences & work on being a better person?

Now, what happens next is, this hate group isolates the good guy and it’s not necessary that the hatred is shown with actions and speech, but becomes very evident with the body language, the eye roll, the gestures & the way they stop talking when the good guy walks in.
The best way, the good guy would deal with this is to walk away and let go.. Right? Or maybe communicate? But to my surprise, there are also some individuals with high morals and values who still go out of the way to help the bad guys when in trouble. I wonder how can they seek help from the only guy they hated on. I wonder how can this selfless individual overlook everything he’s been through and be there to help with his 100% and more..

Have you ever been in a situation like this?? Or witnessed people being trapped in one??? How did you/ they handle it?? What would be the thought process of the caring individual here?


Also, if you are a part of the hate group & targeting someone, please pay heed and reflect. You can do better.