Those hoops of being!

As you grow old, your circle gets smaller & you tend to focus more on quality over quantity. Here I’ve categorized people into different groups, based on their role in my life. 
Circle 4: The world (This you understand, I hope? ) 
Circle 3: This circle  I call it the outer circle, consist of those people who do not have an active role in your life. This circle consists of friends, classmates, ex classmates, colleagues, acquaintances or neighbors. It’s always good to catch-up with them, you do not speak with them everyday, you pick things where you left off. 
Circle 2: The inner circle! The people here are top priority in your life, it could you be your family & best friends.  People who live here matter the most & contribute significantly towards your mental well-being.
Circle 1: ME! my thoughts, my private time, self worth! 😉
Okay!! Now that we have a baseline about the different set of people we deal with in our life,  I welcome you to my reflection! Here I’m focusing on the values that qualifies people to be a part of your inner circle (Circle 2). You can’t let the wrong human in this circle, as it directly impacts your mental well-being. Personally, I don’t have high expectations, in fact, I believe, it’s the little things that matter the most. So here is what to look for 
🌟 Consistency – For someone to be in my inner circle, I say consistency is the key value. People who are consistent with their actions, words, concern. You can’t just be all flowery and dreamy one day & next day you are like “hmmmm, I’m not sure how I feel about you today”
🌟Being present- you are here, that means you need to be present and aware of what’s new in my life! People who are self obsessed or “busy”, those who show up only when it’s convenient or because boredom strikes, the inner circle isn’t for you.
🌟Reciprocity – this is very important. Any relationship, is a two way street. You can’t be the only person giving your best & your friend doesn’t give a hoot about you or anything that’s important to you. Bad listeners, the world revolves around me kinda people are not gonna fit in. 
🌟 Realness – it’s so freaking important for your inner circle to be real with you!! By real, I mean authentic, honest, truthful. You can’t have someone in your circle who is not trustworthy. Lying, boasting, faking, no thanks.
🌟 Consideration: You need people who value you & your time. You know you will cross oceans for people who matter, so you need to have people in life who will do the same for you. Otherwise, you will end up bitter & disappointed.
If you think differently or have values which I’ve missed out here, please share it in the comments section below.
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