It’s the same earth, right?

Living in a developing nation, I get to witness the extremities of the richness and poverty which shatters my heart.

It was raining this whole week, while many of us enjoyed the smell of wet soil with pakodas & fries as the rain poured down, others were out on the streets because the roof over their head was losing the battle against the army of droplets and winds. As some wished for the rain to never stop pouring from the sky, others were helplessly standing & desperately praying as they watched their source of income floating away in front of their eyes.

How would you console a guy who lost his way of earning? How would he feed his family or overcome his losses?

Not just monsoon, summers & winters can be equally harsh. While the fortunate ones sleep in the comfort of their houses with air conditioners / heaters, the struggling ones have to survive through this.

Where have we failed as a society? We see two extremes and we ignore it. We close our eyes when we see a needy, but gift nothing but best to those who are self-sufficient!

Makes me wonder, what are we doing for the society at large? Are we contributing to make life easier for those who are almost always in survival mode?

We are frugal beings, when we are asked to pay our alms we calculate exact 2.5%. We clench to our wealth as we are going to live for eternity, can’t we adopt at least 1 family? Can’t we help people with compassion, help them experience a little goodness?

If you read this today, may I request you to please help the needy around you. Like drops together makes an ocean, we all together can help make lives easier for our fellow humans.

You can live without branded clothing, but they can’t live without food. Be a lot more generous today!

I leave you here with 2 quotes to reflect..

The rich man who gives to the poor does not bestow alms but pays a debt.

– Ambrose

In giving alms, let us rather look at the needs of the poor than his claim to your charity.
– Jean Antoine Petit-Senn


Photo credits: Kirillslov