Humans, Roses & Metaphor…

It will be a lie if I say I don’t like flowers! I’m not stereotyping but women love flowers! Anyway, Rose is my favorite flower & I have red, pink & white rose plants in my mini-garden.

I chose to write my reflection on roses because it perfectly depicts our life on this earth. The bud, slowly but steadily growing petals finally turns into a blooming flower & withering upon fulfilling its purpose. It’s astonishing how similar our life is, as infants we are as delicate as the buds, reaching adulthood & blooming like the fully grown rose & departing when our time approaches. Not all roses are the same, the different colors & sizes portrays our diversity in terms of gender, race and personalities. Like roses, we have different professionals, not all roses decorate the bouquets & not all roses are destined to create fragrances.

That makes me wonder, like the roses do we symbolize love, affection & care? No matter what color or size the rose is, isn’t it purely used to portray love? Why can’t we as humans embody & host nothing but love & compassion? Unlike the rose, which lives to make others happy, why do we do we act with narcissism? Why do we fuel the ugly emotions of jealousy, greed, hate drive us? Why not accept our differences as Rose accepts its thorns?

I personally believe we should aim to leave prints of empathy & care on those around us. Like the rose is captured in books to cherish memories, our existence & memories should remind others of goodness. I leave you here with:

“As delicate as flower, as tender as rose petals, choosing to be tender and kind in a harsh environment is not weakness, it’s courage.”

― Luffina Lourduraj

Photo Credits: (book in the image: Ikigai)