Adios 2021

Hola Amigos!!

It’s been a while since I’ve written my last post!! I’ve been very busy with work & I wanted to spend my leisure time binging or playing some cool stuff. Since this is the last week of 2021, I take some time to reflect on my year & honestly, it hasn’t been easy but I’m in no position to complain.


While this year has been  a roller coaster ride with mental health turbulence, losing many acquaintances/relatives to covid, losing friends, outgrowing people, seeing unfair trade practices spread wide across, pathetic political conflicts & much more, this year also had wonderful moments & things to be grateful for! Being alive (thank god), self awareness, discovering new strengths, an opportunity to meet my darling niece, being able to step out again as covid restrictions cool down.

One toxic thing I learned about society:

WE COMPLAIN SO MUCH! We need to slow down & think positive and stop the negative talk meaning : change the way you look at things: The glass is always gonna be half empty if you look at it that way. It is what it is, learn to appreciate what is and isn’t! Because it’s only your “way of looking at things” which will make you bitter or grateful.

Meeting my spiritual self : 

I would have failed to navigate through  these tough times if I haven’t met my spiritual self. You might have heard this a thousand times, but you don’t really get the essence of this unless you experience something first hand & learn: to rely solely on Allah & trusting his plans with patience, gratitude while being just with your dealings with family, friends & people at your workplace is the right way to be..

I leave you here with:

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.


Wishing you all a fantastic new year filled with love, health, fun, hope, positive outlook, gracefulness, healing, strength & guidance. 

See you in 2022.

Photo credits: Pixabay