We hear a lot of times from many people about success & it is important for everyone to be successful.
Before we proceed further, may I ask you to to pause for a second and think about what is success for you? 
Everyone has a different definition of success, right? It could be academic, financial, political, perfect job, perfect family, the perfect car and the list goes on.
While financial and academic success plays a vital role in life, it can never stand alone to define true success. For instance, we as humans are meant to be greedy. No matter how many degrees, we get, there is someone who is always going to be better than you, no matter how much money you make, someone is always going to be richer than you.
In my perspective, being successful in life is embracing your true self & being content. When I say this, I mean to fully understand how you function, to adhere by your values & believes, to stand up for yourself and others when necessary & to stay strong knowing that sometimes, life can be challenging, but  that’s how it’s meant to be- “imperfect” & it’s totally human to make mistakes, learn from it, evolve & never say no to hustle.
I leave you here by quoting Meryl Streep 
“The formula of happiness and success is just, being actually yourself, in the most vivid  possible way you can.”